Ayude Disposable bed sheet and Disposable goods

                                        Disposable bedding set will be a new tendency

Just as tissue replaced the handkerchiefs in the movement, could bedding set be next thing ?

Mrs.Zhang, founder of Iayude, says “yes”.


Her company based on 8 year manufacture experience. Products covered three major market areas.

Disposable bedding set:disposable pillowcase, bed sheets, quilt cover; Health Market: Health care products and

mattresses and other daily necessities of life,disposable baby diapers,adult nursing pads, adult diapers;

maternal and infant market: maternal dedicated nursing pads, baby diapers; pet market: pet pad.


The advantages of these disposable product:

For example:

The disposable bed sheets:
It's clean and comfortable, to avoid bacteria and cross infection. Give you a comfortable sleep when you on travel or business trip.

Easy to carry and reduce the washing time
If you camping with a household sheet, it’s not easy to carry, but easy to dirty.
The washing time will be so long and boring.

For this reason,the disposable product will be a new tendency in the near future.

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